Zodwa Wabantu Said She’s Getting Married

Zodwa Wabantu Said She’s Getting Married

Now considering how young her boyfriend is and how much she loves to play on social media – just maybe, Zodwa was just kidding around.

Her comments were absolutely lit after she posted a picture of her and her boyfriend with the caption: “Ngyashada” (I’m getting married) now of course with a post like that, her comments were absolutely lit with people adding their own two cents worth of opinion about her caption.

These people were having a field day.

Whilst other people would love to be invited to the wedding.

Zodwa hasn’t said anything further about this, but we have a filling she’s kidding around. Until we see a ring on that finger we’ll just assume that Zodwa just wanted people to talk and boy are they talking.

Image Credit: Instagram/@Zodwalabrim

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