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Zizo Tshwete Reveals Her Most Prized Possession

by SaHipHop
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Zizo Tshwete Reveals Her Most Prized Possession

Zizo Tshwete Reveals Her Most Prized Possession


Zizo Tshwete Reveals Her Most Prized Possession

Zizo Tshwete Reveals Her Most Prized Possession: Zizo Tshwete was pushed into superstardom when she won the Miss South Africa youngster crown 10 years back and from that point forward, she has turned out to be South Africa’s sweetheart.

Throughout the years, the star has effectively fiddled with business, radio and TV and her true style of doing things make her emerge from the group.

The mother and spouse as of late took to Instagram to open up about her most prized ownership and we are not amazed.

“Anyone who knows me understands that the most troublesome inquiry for to answer is: What is my most prized ownership? I am not a man who thinks about THINGS. I can obviously welcome them, yet I don’t have a stock of my ‘most prized belonging’. I thought about it and I presently have the response to that inquiry: This Bible that my Tata provided for me in grade school,” she wrote to some extent. See the post underneath:

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Anybody who knows me well knows that the most difficult question for to answer is: What is my most prized possession? I am not a person who cares much for THINGS. I can of course appreciate them, but I don’t have an inventory of my ‘most prized possessions’. I gave it some thought and I now have the answer to that question: This Bible that my Tata gave to me in primary school. ❤️He wanted me to always be able to have my own direct line to God. This special gift from him has seen me through the many seasons of my life! You will see how many times I have taped it up – our son VK wanted to also have a closer look at the book of Genesis 😂 I was having my praise and worship this morning before my devotion time. (@drtumisang – Gathering of Worshipers and Heart of a King, @ntokozombambo – Filled, @kellykhumalo – Jehova, @oasisworshipsa @khayamthetwa – All about Jesus) and felt so compelled(Holy Spirit led) to share just how hard it can be for us to speak about our relationship with God. “Person 1” will think this or that about me etc. For me, many times it has been because I know exactly how imperfect I am, how many mistakes I have made and still fall short in someway every day. In my mind often it is the fear that people will think I’m making myself some sort of saint which I am not. But the thing about God, which I have learnt is that He wants you as imperfect as you are. His Grace and Mercy are more than sufficient for the biggest mistakes you have ever made. He just wants to love you. That can be hard to accept when we live in a world full of judgement. Every day I am making a conscious decision to remind myself that my identity is found in Him and not in the number of likes or comments on any social media platform. And the reason I am sharing today is that I have found such strength from other men and women of God who have had the courage to be used by Him. I am so excited about the things that God is doing in my life. I want to be able to share them freely – as freely as we are all able to post our holiday pictures 😂 I am committing to starting a journey that has made me so nervous in the past but won’t anymore. Will update you if you’d like to join me. 💚

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