Why SRL Is Becoming So Popular

Why SRL Is Becoming So Popular

Why SRL Is Becoming So Popular

Why SRL Is Becoming So Popular: Cricket seems to be a game that is exploding in popularity. Since the arrival of the T20 format, more and more people have gone on to discover what this sport has to offer. If you look back to the Crick World Cup of 2019, it was watched by a staggering 1.6 billion people. This made it the most-watched cricket match ever.

With fans demanding access to the sport, there needed to be something to keep them satisfied while matches weren’t taking place. This is where the simulated reality league (SRL) comes in. Through SRL fans can carry on betting on their favorite sport even when no matches are taking place. While waiting for the season again, they can carry on placing their wagers and keeping an eye on the simulated league result.

New to SRL? Here’s a look at why it’s proving so popular.

It’s authentic

Okay, so SRL isn’t really as such, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in the area of authenticity. While it may well be artificial intelligence that is driving the game, SRL is still as close to the real game as you can get. There is so much data being fed into SRL and that means that the game knows how to behave.

Rules are followed to the letter and the outcomes of the games are fair. These are based on data from a long period of time. Complex software analyses this data and that allows for decisions to be made in terms of how a match will play out.

Great gameplay

What people want isn’t just the ability to bet on a simulated cricket match. They also want to be able to enjoy the match-day experience that comes with the real-life game. This means being able to see every ball that is bowled and every six that is hit. SRL allows for exactly this.

The match can be followed on a ball-by-ball basis just like it can in real life. The only difference is that SRL doesn’t experience the real game’s delays. This shaves around an hour off a T20 match.

It’s always available

No matter what the weather, SRL games aren’t going to be postponed. You can be sure that, no matter what, a match will always go ahead and there is nothing that is able to interfere with this. Fans of the sport know that they can always have somewhere to turn to follow their passion.

This is great news for those who missed out so much during the pandemic. With sporting events canceled around the world, SRL came to the rescue.

Unpredictable and exciting

Using data may not sound like the ideal basis for something that’s full of excitement. However, that’s where the software used for SRL is very clever. Yes, it acts on the data that it’s been fed, but it is still able to produce a match that is just as unpredictable and exciting as a real-life one.

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