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The Top 5 Soccer & Football Songs of All Time

by SaHipHop
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The Top 5 Soccer & Football Songs of All Time

The Top 5 Soccer & Football Songs of All Time

The Top 5 Soccer & Football Songs of All Time: Football has a rich history of entertainment, thrills, but most of all; nothing beats the memories.
Fans from all across the globe have a way of expressing their love for their beloved teams and the game, and that is in music. Songs have been composed to go with the moments, and how fast the wave gets to the fans in the stadiums is anyone’s guess. Along with Betway soccer betting, fans will always engage in fun activities to feel extremely part of the sport. With hundreds of thousands of football teams, we cannot highlight every song, but we will look at the top five songs that have created memories of the game to this day.

1. You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry and the Pacemakers
This one is a classic, no doubt. Adopted mostly by English Premier League giants Liverpool FC, the rendition of the ‘You’ll never walk alone’ song is sung by the famous kop to intimidate traveling teams. For a long time, it has come to be known more as a Liverpool FC anthem as not
many fans even know Gerry and the Pacemakers. Recently, more teams have joined the band, most notably, Borussia Dortmund of Germany, and Glasgow Rangers of Scotland among others.

2. Vangelis – 2002 World Cup
Vangelis was the official anthem of the 2002 soccer World Cup. Even though it was an instrumental song, it lit the world and got fans united, joining along in stadiums to show their love for the great game. Its video featured clips taken from all corners of the globe showing both
players and fans engaged in football activities. You’ll probably never get to hear an instrumental track that goes better with the famous Mexican waves than this one.

3. We’re in this together – Euro 1996
The song by Simply Red was the official Euro 96 track meant to unite English fans and to give their team the hope of securing the elusive trophy that would eventually go to Germany. ‘We are in this together’ was a theme taken from the 1996 album LIFE, the last album band member Fritz McIntyre featured in. English fans had the feeling that it was indeed their time to win the championship, but unfortunately, it was to be, yet. We still keep the memories, though.

4. La Copa De La Vida – World Cup 1998
If you followed the World Cup in France, you were amazed by fans from non-Spanish speaking nations singing along to this beautiful track by Ricky Martin. Translated to mean ‘The Cup of Your Life,’ this is one song that will forever remain in the hearts of football fans around the
world. Play the tune of the song by the Puerto Rican anywhere, and you successfully awaken the spirits of 98. It was that powerful.

5. Waka Waka – World Cup 2010
Shakira did something for Africa. For the first time in history, Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, and Waka Waka, it’s time for Africa was born. You won’t hear many dedicated songs get close to this. It was a time to show Africa can do it, and the time was right.
To date, Waka Waka remains one of the most famous soccer tunes not only in Africa but also in other parts of the planet.

Today, music is a trend and every team or event seems to attract new associated track. Even as fans enjoy betting with Betway, the fun doesn’t seem to end there. Togetherness in music unifies the sport.

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