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The Top 5 List Of The Best Vernacular Lyricists

by SaHipHop
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The Top 5 List Of The Best Vernacular Lyricists

The Top 5 List Of The Best Vernacular Lyricists


The Top 5 List Of The Best Vernacular Lyricists

The Top 5 List Of The Best Vernacular Lyricists: A week ago Sunday denoted the finish of Mzansi’s most healthy legacy month – September. Subsequently it is befitting that the present return is committed to the craftsmanship and profundity of our indigenous dialects in South Africa, which exist inside the circle of hip jump.



The semantic part of hip bounce in Mzansi has been on the up for a long time now, whereby rapping in vernacular has turned into an in thing and not a block in one’s profession. The power and impact of these indigenous dialects have developed to a point where some English rapping specialists have truly considered being more expressive in their primary languages.

The present motivational cut, with respect to our normal component, Throwback Thursday: Now and Then is gotten from the late rap symbol, Prokid. Many will concur with the idea that, this specific rapper was one of numerous who unquestionably set the bar high up, were just the best new age rapper/s could move up and proceed with the twirly doo. The ascent of rapping in vernacular was basically roused by the requirement for a “South African sound”; thus English had been put on some sort of a platform.



The new age rappers in South Africa have now possessed the capacity to communicate in our indigenous dialects, this is fundamentally a result of the “OG’s” that preceded them and totally made it cool to not spit in a dialect that is unfamiliar to them as specialists’ and their world.


The accompanying rappers have made huge walks in their particular vocations ways. These productive hip jump craftsmen have been outright pioneers, taking the position to adhere to their firearms and create music that is a genuine portrayal of their character.


This rapper has befittingly named himself as the ‘Motswako Origantor’. Khuli has made considerable progress with his SeTswana propelled verses as it is demonstrative of his legacy. Over the span of his renowned vocation, Khuli Chana has earned armies of fans that have come to welcome him and his favored dialect of expressio


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Live within your means BUT dream beyond them #isKObo

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The Skhanda god himself has cut a great solo profession after the disbandment from hip bounce gathering, Teargas. When one listens painstakingly to his variety of records and by and large collections, there will undoubtedly be a gathering of Kwaito subtleties and that by itself should fill in as a sign that K, O’s sound is really and truly South African. We see you Mr Cashtime.


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Lavuka ipantsula… Ngisazonirephela yaz..

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Kwesta’s vernac diversion is unquestionably on a hundred. The baritone rapper is known for keeping it genuine in his records and that made him not to put some distance between reality as it additionally interprets in his creativity.


Okmalumkoolkat is an unequivocal unique. Nobody can do what he does as his lyricism is essentially out of this world. This advanced rapper has dependably had an eccentric method for approaching conveying his notorious and indigenous snappy words that he normally utilize while making his music lines.


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Zakwe has likewise aced the specialty of rapping in vernacular. He is demonstrated excellent development since the start of his vocation, and has never influenced from rapping in his primary language – IsiZulu.


A great deal can be said in regards to this unbelievable rapper’s music however one thing that sticks out about his style of lyricism is the effortlessness that radiates from the spirit of his music. He has some way or another kept up that vibe throughout the years. The vast majority of his records are for the most part IsiZulu and a tinge of “Tsotsi Taal”. Mama – E is never one to timid far from music delivering top quality music.


The Ndebele talking rapper has dependably been dug in his way of life. He has by one means or another figured out how to consolidate his Ndebele dialect with IsiZulu in his music, which makes it a flat out pleasure to tune in to. Child X as of late discharged his collection, whereby the cover workmanship was hand outlined by the notorious Ndebele craftsman, Esther Mahlangu.



Anatii does not have a long history in making music in vernac; anyway he brings the house down when he infrequently communicates in his first language – IsiXhosa. There is no denying that his stanza on ‘Bear in mind to ask’ was a positive win and that ”Thixo Onofefe” is simply unadulterated virtuoso on Anatii’s part.

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