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Slikour Opens Up About Depression

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Slikour Opens Up About Depression

Slikour Opens Up About Depression1


Slikour Opens Up About Depression

Slikour Opens Up About Depression: Unbelievable hip-jump craftsman, Slikour has been accepting steps in his vocation as a rapper, author, media devotee and a taxi manager, and despite the fact that it may have appeared as though he had everything under tight restraints while he was in the spotlight, he says there was where he became burnt out on the business.

Misery can continuously crawl on you without you remembering it, particularly in the event that you have a bustling timetable, and this is precisely what Slikour said transpired when he began feeling tired of the spotlight and acclaim.

In discussion with Riky Rick in an ongoing meeting on SlikourOnLife, the rapper uncovered that he unwittingly experienced a time of misery: “I knew I wasn’t requiring some serious energy, I quit adoring things, many individuals don’t have the foggiest idea about that, I simply feel like: ‘Argh I’m tired’…maybe I required a break ten years prior, yet I was additionally worn out however I never knew, I never knew I was discouraged too. I was depressed…now that I comprehend what it was…I never knew in 2010 that I was discouraged, 2011 to twelve, I simply expected to make tracks in an opposite direction from everything, except I recently suspected that I’m simply worn out,”

WIth the rapper having been one of the specialists that were at the bleeding edge of driving the hip-bounce industry in Mzansi, he said that there was where he simply needed to grow dim of the business by simply remaining quiet.

“Since I was vocal, I was relatively driving this hip-bounce world at the time, I was a piece of the representative for it, I felt that I couldn’t bolster that beat any longer, I felt that on the off chance that I turned out and said anything individuals would see…it resembles I’ve been putting on this facade…so I felt that possibly I expected to pass on quietly and individuals need to disregard me and perhaps in light of the fact that I expected to survive, let me discover something different as an afterthought… ”


Slikour Opens Up About Depression1


Subsequent to taking a crush by going spirit to his foundations, visiting his mom and reconnecting with himself once more, Slikour considers the lowering background.

“I expected to begin thinking like I was beginning again, I expected to think like I never had money…I expected to consider what was it like when I was simply awakening to bread, nutty spread and stick each day…I expected to get my musings in that procedure since that is the point at which it was simply me and I was content with nothing since now I had a desire and qualification yet nobody minded when I was eating bread and margarine in my mom’s home when I wasn’t paying anyone anything. I expected to begin thinking like that once more, which was lowering it was difficult, it was baffling, it felt like I was useless…”

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