Skolopad Experiences The Dark Side Of Fame

Skolopad Experiences The Dark Side Of Fame

Skolopad is a musician. Yes, we know. But leave the antics aside for a second and acknowledge this. She’s a house artist who’s been planning to take the game by storm.

Her plans to do this were fizzled though by some troublesome individuals who’ve ‘taken’ and ‘leaked’ her EP before we got to hear it. As with everything thing else, she took to social media to voice her dismay at this happening.

Before this video she tweeted her sadness at people just randomly taking food out of her mouth through leaking the Album.

It’s a shame that people still feel the need to pirate the music of upcoming artists. We do hope the ripple effect goes backwards and she gets more gigs to perform her songs. In any case we hope the culprits get caught because it’s not right to take bread from anyone’s table.

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