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Rouge Can Sing

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Rouge can sing

Rouge can sing

Rouge can sing

Rouge can sing: Rouge was launch into the spotlight quite a long while back as a rapper and after some time, she has figured out how to flaunt her numerous gifts including rapping, singing and exhibiting.

The artist as of late shared a clasp of herself singing Tamia’s, Officially Missing You. Investigate the video beneath:



In spite of the fact that the star has been in the spotlight for quite a long time, there is a considerable measure that we don’t think about her, here are some fun actualities you have to know:

Rouge’s first presentation into the business was as a performer at 18 years old years-old.

In spite of the fact that Rouge has never been to Congo, the rapper who experienced childhood in South Africa is Congolese and can communicate in French.

Turning into a rapper has not generally been Rouge’s fantasy.


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