Rapulana Seiphemo: Let’s Construct Our Own Movie Industry

Rapulana Seiphemo: Let's Construct Our Own Movie Industry

Rather than groaning about universal producers disclosing to South African stories, Rapulana Seiphemo trusts that we have to make our own motion pictures.

“Quit grumbling about individuals coming, they have the cash, they can come and would whatever they like to do with their cash,” the performing artist said in an ongoing meeting on Power FM.

“What’s more, they can settle on the choices that they need to make since they have to profit back and the sky is the limit from there. We have to center around the way that, how about we construct our own particular film industry,” Rapulana said.

At the point when gotten some information about the difficulties that accompany fund-raising to make your own motion pictures, the Generations: The Legacy star said it’s troublesome.

“For our first film [with performer Kenneth Nkosi] which was White Wedding, from the beginning we disclosed to ourselves that you realize what, how about we really confine ourselves… all we require is a million rands and we’ll make this motion picture, and we went out to make a motion picture for a million rands. We wound up burning through seven million rands.”

Rapulana included that the good thing is that they profited back in view of permitting.

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