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Nota Drags Slikour For Unpaid Credits

by Kaffy

Nota Drags Slikour For Unpaid Credits

Nota Drags Slikour For Unpaid Credits

Nota Drags Slikour: South African controversial personality, Nota Baloyi has dragged Slikour for unpaid credits and royalties.

He recently went on IG live to attack Slikour. Nota had some things to say about the issues that went down. He was talking from a place of anger.

Nota stated that Slikour can’t give him credit for his work because he knows that the credits will feed him and he’s using it to fend for his kids. He said this:

“Why can’t he give me my credit for my work that I have done? Because at the end of the day he knows that the credits that he takes feeds him. You can’t pay for your kids’ school fees with my sweat bro.”

“I have spoken to him about this. The last text message I sent to Skilour, I was saying go F…. yourself. I told him this on the phone – I said you are a cunt.” Nota continued.

It was a rage moment for the controversial personality who didn’t mince words or try to cover anything. He said he was waiting for Slikour to come to him.

“And I’ll say it anywhere and everywhere and there’s nothing Slikour can do about it. He is a cunt. And I will say that and he will have to come and call me and beg for mercy and apologies and correct himself but I’ll call him out for being a cunt cause he is a cunt.”

In another video, he goes on to criticize Slikour for using his hard work to feed his family without acknowledging him.

“You can’t build Slikour On Life, taking credit for other people’s work. Do you understand what I’m saying? You are feeding your kids with my work without giving me my due credit. Why are you doing that? It costs you, nothing bro. Don’t take credit for my work bro.” Nota said.

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