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Nandi Madida’s New York Take Over

by SaHipHop
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Nandi Madida’s New York Take Over

Nandi Madida's New York Take Over


Nandi Madida’s New York Take Over

Nandi Madida’s New York Take Over: Nandi Madida turned into a commonly recognized name quite a long while back when she entered a few moderator look rivalries and in spite of the fact that she didn’t win, she has figured out how to become famous in the realm of stimulation.

Throughout the years, Nandi has effectively fiddled with music, acting and exhibiting and that has made her a bonafide star.

The star is as of now in New York and not surprisingly, she is serving brave looks. See the photos beneath:


Two or three weeks back, Nandi Madida had the pleasure of being the first South African to have the Afropunk mainstage in New York. Investigate the snaps beneath:


Addressing Sahiphop about what the occasion intends to her, she stated, “It implies incorporation, solidarity, power and trusting that #WeThePeople can accomplish more as one.”

Recently, Nandi addressed us about her new job as a moderator and maker for Made In Africa, discussing her job as a maker she stated, “It’s constantly awesome being a host however I think something that is essential for us females and female strengthening is being an official maker of a show of this extent over the mainland and it’s not truly a show about me but rather different Africans and their energy. I’ve generally said that the following show I do, I have to ensure that some way or another I’m included, not similarly as a host as a result of the heritage, I need to leave for the up and coming age of females, that at that point it’s never again forbidden.”

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