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Naak Musiq And Prince Kaybee In A Twitter War

by Kaffy
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Naak Musiq And Prince Kaybee In A Twitter war

Naak Musiq And Prince Kaybee In A Twitter War

Naak Musiq And Prince Kaybee In A Twitter War: If you are in need of a serious drama, Twitter is the right place for you to go to. Several times, we have our favorite artistes engage themselves in reasonable and childish twitter wars. Some of these twars have led to longstanding beefs while others have been resolved. The latest players in a twar are Naak Musiq and Prince Kaybee. What started out as a simple comment has led into a big misunderstanding which might not be clearing anytime soon.

Naak Musiq, who is known as a big lover of BMW cars recently posted a picture of himself and one of his BMW rides. While commenting on this post, Prince Kaybee talked about how he is constantly being perceived as arrogant when he posts pictures of himself and his Merc car.

“I studied the comments in this post, I then understood if it was me that posted the same picture with my Merc I was gnna seem arrogant, there were gnna be the nastiest comments to a point people say I rent my cars so I realized I’m playing on unfair ground. Enjoy your Bmw abuti,” he wrote

This did not end badly for Prince Kaybee as tweeps dragged him back and forth on the social media platform. In his reaction to this comment, Naak Musiq simply wrote, “I drove BMWs long before you got your first Merc… That’s not me bragging. Just me simply pointing out that banters about the 2 brands is something I’ve engaged in long before you eventually surfaced. Tshini.”

In his bid to clear the air of any misunderstanding Prince Kaybee wrote “Oh this is why. I was just responding to many of the tweeps in your status because of the many tags I got like you have done several times on my post. I did not think its a problem I apologize.”

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