Lamiez Holworthy Recalls Her Days Of Hardship

Lamiez Holworthy Recalls Her Days Of Hardship

Lamiez Holworthy Recalls Her Days Of Hardship

Lamiez Holworthy Recalls Her Days Of Hardship: Talented and versatile South African female disk jockey and music maker, Lamiez Holworthy has taken her time to recall her days in the trenches.

She felt the need to explain how everything started for her because of the social media bullying she’s received from time to time and also to set the misconceptions about her image straight.

According to her, social media cannot break her because it didn’t make her. The star has faced so many cyberbullies and she is ready to give what it takes to be herself.

She said on social media everything seems perfect but the truth is that she did not come from a rich background. Lamiez revealed that she had wanted to study entertainment law but her family lost it all in grade 11. Hear her:

“On social media, everything seems perfect and you’d swear I have it all. You’d also swear that I got it easily BUT Truth is, I don’t come from much. I initially wanted to study entertainment law but life happened and my family lost it all in my grade 11 year.”

“My mom got retrenched and wasn’t able to pay for my studies. Things went from okay to bad overnight. My mom is however also the one who suggested I try deejaying(because she knew how much I loved music and could see how frustrated I was sitting at home). This was late 2010(I matriculated in 09)”.

Lamiez said none of what she had come overnight as her mom also supported and managed her from day one.

“So whilst it looks easy,NONE of this came overnight. It took me with the help of my mom who managed me from day 1 TWELVE whole years to build. All that I am, all that I have, and all that I’ve built are because of this woman. My strength comes from this. My strength comes from being bullied for being darker than my siblings, being called the nastiest of names by strangers, and even racist family members. My strength comes from working as hard as I did with nothing but a dream.”

She concluded by saying that social media did not build her so it can not break her either.

“So even social media? As dark,painful and toxic as it can get,CAN NOT BREAK WHAT IT DID NOT BUILD- I BUILT ME And I hope that reminds anyone out there fighting, that your time will come. Block out the noise and focus on your focus”.



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