Kelly Khumalo On Senzo Meyiwa: I Have Moved On


Kelly Khumalo is probably the best vocalists we have in the country, but a lot of people tend to overlook that because of her personal life. This talented beauty has been through a lot, she admitted to substance abuse in the past, her ex who was married to another woman was tragically murdered in front of her and a lot of people wrote her off but she has proven to be stronger than what a lot of people thought.

In a recent interview on Real Talk With Anele, the star opened up about how she feels about Senzo, three years after his untimely passing, “I’ve moved on, it’s been three years. The only thing that keeps me close to Senzo is my daughter and that’s it. I need nothing more, I don’t need relationships with strangers that I know nothing about,” she said.

After Senzo’s death, the star was adamant that she does not want her daughter to have a relationship with his family because of the way they treated her but it seems like she is slowing changing her mind, “I’m in a very good space in my life and I’m slowly getting there… to a place of healing,” she added.

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