Is SA Hip Hop Dead, With The Death Of AKA?

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Is SA Hip Hop Dead, With The Death Of AKA?

Is SA Hip Hop Dead, With The Death Of AKA?

Is SA Hip Hop Dead: Following the news of the targeted shooting at a restaurant in Florida Road, Durban, where AKA was shot dead, we can’t help but sieve through the avalanche of questions that are on the minds of a lot of people – fans included.

Who wanted AKA dead?
Why was he targeted?
Why did he disclose his location?
Did he know he would die?
When did SA Hip Hop start getting violent?
Is this a joke?
Could it be a prank?
What would DJ Zinhle tell Kairo about this?
How’s Nadia Nakai doing with the news?
Is this even real?

A lot of people aren’t willing to take the news because it just can’t be true, can it? Must be some kind of sick joke. But then, the number of RIPs filtering the net right now just has to convince you that Supa Mega is no more.

He had an album on the way. He had a beautiful and successful relationship with Nadia. He was happy. He was healing after Nelli Tembe. He was moving on with life. Now this?

If we truly want to analyze this, let’s start with the fact that gun violence has sneaked its way into SA Hip Hop scenery and as such, no one is safe anymore. Whatever intent the shooter had in mind was fulfilled because not only did he crack the SA Hip Hop industry, he possibly ended it.

You may ask why. Let’s look at it this way. AKA was a force to be reckoned with (It feels so weird to be talking about him in past tense, jeez). AKA may not have been the pioneer of SA rap and hip hop culture but he sure as hell shouldered it. It was artistes like AKA that pushed South Africa to the global map when it comes to rap and hip hop.

From giving us hits to massive album sales and selling out arenas. He did it effortlessly and you could tell that he was born to do this. No competition because he wasn’t in any. He defined his lane and glowed in it. AKA had the magic fingers and whatever he touched turned to pure gold. From music to business, it was a dream.

Even when the Hip hop scene dulled down a bit. It seemed like all the SA Rappers had other “better” things to do than make music, AKA stepped in and stepped up. He ignited the fire once more and everyone else came alive. Now, that’s how an icon does!

What would make someone decide to end his life is something everyone wants to know and why. Why take the life of SA hip hop industry because we sure know that it would never remain the same again. This is no slight to the other intentional and hardworking rappers in South Africa, but they would also tell you that AKA was the GOAT.

With the death of AKA, there could possibly be a mass hysteria, fear and blatant insecurity among other rappers. Because SA hip hop hasn’t seen the likes of this until recent, it can only mean that differences can’t be settled in songs and verses anymore. It has to be by blood.

We can’t fathom who could have done this, but we’re hoping that the police kickstart investigations into his death and serve the justice he needs.

The death of AKA spells out something tragic for the hip hop music industry and we can only hope that it doesn’t fizzle out the fire entirely – or has it?

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