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Is It Game Over For Lindiwe – The River

Is It Game Over For Lindiwe – The River

Is It Game Over For Lindiwe - The River

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Is It Game Over For Lindiwe – The River

Is It Game Over For Lindiwe – The River: We could have never anticipated that Zolani would betray Lindiwe. Who realized that daily would come where he really needed to execute her? It appears not by any means their affectionate recollections together will prevent Zolani from harming Lindiwe this time around.

Will Zolani pull the trigger?


Is It Game Over For Lindiwe - The River


Things being what they are, how could they arrive? Everything began after Veronica disclosed to her child that Lindiwe was after her life. She even disclosed to him that she inspired hooligans to thump her and debilitate to execute her. Obviously, this was a lot for Zolani to accept as he has a tight bond with his auntie.

Nonetheless, Vero inevitably figured out how to persuade him that Lindiwe is no great. Zolani arranged his requital flawlessly. He originally persuaded Lindiwe that he was sorry about his conduct and figured out how to recover her on his side.

While Lindiwe thought all was well between them, Zolani was occupied with an arrangement to execute her. He took her to an outing by the stream – a similar waterway where they slaughtered Thato Mokoena. Despite the fact that she was awkward about this scene, Lindiwe didn’t envision that her nephew, who resembles a child to her, would point a firearm at her. In this way, there stood Lindiwe with a weapon to her head and Zolani preparing to end her life. We’ll offer it to her, she never goes down without a battle. This time, she raised all the great things she has improved the situation Zolani (counting when he was substantially more youthful) to demonstrate to him the amount he intends to her. We have an inclination that Zolani won’t pull the trigger. What do you think?

You may get a kick out of the chance to peruse: Lindiwe has met her match in Vera lindiwe-has-met-her-coordinate/

Has Cobra’s fortunes run out?


Is It Game Over For Lindiwe - The River2


Does Cobra not realize that when you carry out a wrongdoing you have to ensure that you do it well? We mean you can’t be messy. As much as Cobra and his pals Percy and Oupa escaped with the second heist, they aren’t out of threat at this time.

The main misstep he made was to leave his beret at that shack where they held those young ladies prisoner (after the heist). Since the police have this beret, he can’t resist the urge to stress over returning to jail. It appears everybody around him, including his mom and sister Dimpho, are certain that he will return to jail for quite a while.


Nonetheless, he may in any case have an opportunity to escape with this wrongdoing if Tshabalala causes him and his companions. Will the degenerate cop figure out how to help these lawbreakers? Dislike he has a decision now in light of the fact that in the event that they go down, he’s additionally going down!

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