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Fresh Information About Nelli Tembe’s Death Surface

by Kaffy

Fresh Information About Nelli Tembe's Death Surface

Fresh Information About Nelli Tembe’s Death Surface

Fresh Information About Nelli Tembe’s Death: Another recent development concerning Nelli Tembe‘s death has surfaced and this time, it concerns the night of her death.

Nelli Tembe’s father, Moses Tembe has come out to say he would employ the services of a private investigator to pry into the events leading into the death of his daughter.

The past few weeks have been really hectic for everyone including the families of AKA and Tembe (Who have had an obvious rift since the death of Nelli). Now, an undisclosed source has revealed that the night Nelli Tembe died, there was an argument between her and AKA.

Unveiling what transpired before Anele’s death, the source said a fight broke out between the two lovers in the hotel after retreating from a gig. He said that the rapper made a video call to Nelli’s cousin to report the fight and showed the injuries he sustained to his hands.

“He then video-phoned Anele’s cousin and explained to her that Anele was fighting with him and even showed her the injuries sustained to his hands.”

AKA later handed the phone to Nelli, so the cousin could help calm her down, and he excused himself to the toilet. According to the source, it was reported that Nelli jumped off the balcony while talking to the cousin.

This is the news that Nelli’s father isn’t accepting as he solidly believes that his daughter was neither suicidal or otherwise. He believes that AKA is lying and therefore, he wants an investigator to take charge.

A source that spoke to Sunday World says the rapper believes that the Tembe’s are trying to accuse him of what he didn’t do. He claims to be innocent of whatever they’re insinuating.

“The source also said tension between AKA and Anele’s family started when the Tembe family unceremoniously removed him at the 11th hour from the funeral programme. He was supposed to deliver a eulogy for Anele. Sensing that there was tension, AKA did not go to Anele’s parental house after the service but returned to his home in Joburg”.

Here on, we cannot predict the turn of events but we can promise you that this would definitely not be the last of it. Stay with is to get the first update.

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