Dr Malinga Says Makhadzi Exploited Him

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Dr Malinga Says Makhadzi Exploited Him

Dr Malinga Says Makhadzi Exploited Him

Dr Malinga Says Makhadzi Exploited Him: Dr Malinga has come out to claim that Makhadzi exploited him at her recent show tagged “One Woman”.

Recall if you can that Makhadzi was among the few artists who reached out to Dr Malinga to help him when he had that issue with SARS that led to them seizing his properties.

She said she wanted to help him get back on his feet by giving him a slot at her “One Woman” show. She said she would give him from the little she had.

Now, Malinga is saying she didn’t do all that she promised and she only used him to promote her show. According to him, she didn’t make any reservations for accommodation for him and he wasn’t served food or drinks at her show.

He said he would reveal more when he goes live and he would expose her for treating him poorly. A lot of thoughts have been flying around about this. While a lot of people are calling him out for being ungrateful and selfish despite having nothing, others are saying Makhadzi should have treated him well.

We would not really know what went down till we hear from Makhadzi and as at the time of this writing, she is still mute about the whole issue.

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