DJ Cleo Speaks Out “I Dont Support Rape”

DJ Cleo Speaks Out “I Dont Support Rape”

DJ Cleo Speaks Out I Dont Support Rape

DJ Cleo Speaks Out “I Dont Support Rape”

DJ Cleo Speaks Out I Dont Support Rape: On Monday morning, DJ Cleo woke up to a rush of abuse coordinated at him when he tweeted an image of him and detained Kwaito craftsman – Brickz with a subtitle composed:

“We as a whole run our own races, he fell along the way….but the race isn’t finished.”

The tweet was then confounded as Cleo’s method for excusing Brickz activities of assault to which he is detained for.

DJ Cleo who has since turned out to clarify what he implied about the tweet and why he was at the jail, the same number of imagined that he had gone to jail to visit and show backing to Brickz.

“My underlying tweet was not tied in with feeling for an attacker, however supporting a sibling and father who was indicted and now serving his sentence. I feel for all exploited people out there. But…I won’t be harassed or advised how and when to cherish a sibling. I remain by my words,” he tweeted.

DJ Cleo Speaks Out I Dont Support Rape

DJ Cleo was then met on Metro FM’s The Drive with Mo Flava and Masechaba to additionally clarify why he was at the jail where Brickz is right now serving time.

“This past Wednesday we had soccer centers, detainment facilities have soccer crews and Krugersdorp Prison has around 8 groups so my football companions, we experienced there a year ago August really, to play a match with the detainees. So this time it was instructing facilities, so we were in gatherings going up against various players like strikers, goalkeepers, etc. And after that amid the match, they enable detainees to come and watch so we had around 2000, 3000 prisoners simply lounging around and viewing.”

Cleo included that the Prison welcomed City Press to come spread the story gave that they revealed the story in a positive light.

Cleo clarified that he could acquire his photos with him and Brickz from the jail authorities as they didn’t permit cellphones on the jail premises. He at exactly that point tweeted the photos once the story was distributed by City Press on Sunday night.

DJ Cleo Speaks Out I Dont Support Rape1

Amid the meeting Cleo likewise needed to clarify that he doesn’t bolster assault and that he didn’t go to any of Brickz assault preliminaries.

This is what he needed to state:

“Let me simply go on record and state that I don’t bolster assault, I am very against it, I’m a dad to two delightful girls. Brickz was on preliminary for a long time, I never gone to court for an entire four years in light of the fact that the moment I visit, everybody would expect that he’s here to help Brickz. Be that as it may, at the present time, that photograph is of me addressing a sibling who is paying the value, he’s doing the time.”

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