Bonang Is Not About That Expensive Life

Bonang Is Not About That Expensive Life


Bonang Is Not About That Expensive Life

Bonang Is Not About That Expensive Life. An occasional glass of champagne, goes the world over and going to the most stylish occasions is the thing that entireties up Bonang’s life.

Her life is one major occasion and despite the fact that she stays taking advantage of them checks (and we can just envision how much she’s getting paid for that Global Citizen MC gig) we’d likewise jump at the chance to trust that Bonang knows how to spend her cash astutely.

Presently we’re very certain that the media identity has dropped a couple of thousands of rands for an outfit yet one thing she’s not going to do is drop millions for an outfit.

Famous South African fashioner – Rich Mnisi as of late posted this diverting video of Bonang whining about how “costly” his outfits are. Presently, obviously, Rich doesn’t offer his outlines for many rands however Bonang was simply featuring how expensive the plans can be now and again.

“Let me tell you about Rich Mnisi, when you book him as a creative director or an editorial, 2 million, when you want a trench coat from the Rich Mnisi Collection, 2 million, when you want an earring, 2 million, when you want to say, ‘OMG! I’m going to the SAMAs I need a dress,’ 2 million. So you ask yourselves why I don’t wear Rich’s clothes, he is very expensive!”

In reasonableness, in case you’re making quality planner garments that are globally perceived without a doubt there is a point in your business when you have to knock the cheddar up a bit, no?

Check out Bonang’s sarcasm in the funny video of her complaining about Rich Mnisi.


Bitch I’m my own currency! Lol I love this woman! @bonang_m

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