Big Xhosa & Emtee Get Into A War Of Words

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Big Xhosa & Emtee Get Into A War Of Words

Big Xhosa & Emtee Get Into A War Of Words

Big Xhosa & Emtee Get Into A War Of Words: Talented South Africa rapper, Big Xhosa and Emtee have gotten into a war of words on Twitter.

The dispute between the two rappers was triggered by a tweet made by someone which reads, “SA Hip Hop really needs Big Xhosa… As usual.”

This didn’t sit well at all with the rap god, Emtee who felt insulted at the statement. The trap king replied by saying: “The way kungakhona. Si grand aw’th yam”.

From there, it became a war of words between the two of them. Emtee kept it on a cool level but somehow it kept triggering Big Xhosa who didn’t hold back.

“The problem with you Emtee is that you guys think this industry belongs to y’all and your families. My guy I’m gonna get to my plate whether you like it or not and there’s nothing you or anybody else can do about that. Akho kwakho apha! Rhaa!”

It was further revealed that Big Xhosa was preparing a diss track, and Emtee reacted saying he’s ready to spill his, but Big Xhosa didn’t want a fight.

“I never said that! I’d never go on a record and diss you Emtee. I got that pain and hustla music on the way too. Y’all stop this narrative of thinking I make diss songs, I can’t wait to drop my project” Xhosa wrote.

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