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Between Emtee & Flvme: Battle of Hits

by Williams Jones
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Between Emtee & Flvme Battle of Hits

Between Emtee & Flvme: Battle of Hits

Between Emtee & Flvme, Battle of Hits: When it comes to music – affluence, charisma, aura, respect, talent, fanbase, music flow, confidence, creativity, audience feedback/fan love etc, it’s pretty difficult to say which artiste strikes you more. Every artiste is different and has their own peculiarities and styles but there’s also that little spark that makes them either stand out amongst the rest or just remain below the cut. Either way, fans reserve the supremacy to ascertain which artiste makes them feel alive and which one just doesn’t fit into the Industry. There’s the ongoing clash on social media, Twitter to be precise, that debates between two top South African music Artistes, Emtee and Flvme, asking who’s the bigger artiste.
With majority of the Twitter fans/ community on the side of Emtee, one can’t help but wonder if this is a comparison worth following up. So, here’s the rundown: We can either ask the same question as the Twitter community: ” Who’s Flvme?” Or just focus on the fact that people think it’s disrespectful to even place Emtee on the same level as Flvme.

Emtee, with the birth name Mthembeni Ndevu is a hip hop and trap rapper. Also a record producer, singer, actor and songwriter, he’s best known for his hit single “Roll Up” which made worldwide trends. Signed earlier to Ambitiouz Entertainment, his debut album “Avery” was produced under the label and was certified Platinum by RISA on the 1st of July, 2016. His hit single “Roll Up” was included in the album. The follow up single “Pearl Thusi” was also another hit, creating an upsurge in the demand for more of his magic tunes. Emtee released his third album “Manado” in 2017, September. His DIY 2 album was released in 2018 and this marked his departure from Ambitiouz Entertainment in 2019 as the last release with the label. Emtee launched his own label in September 2019, known as Emtee Records.
Roll Up” was recorded and finalized in two hours. It received major radio plays in South Africa and had Wizkid and AKA feature on the re-release which he named “Roll Up Re-Up“. Emtee received 5 nominations at the 22nd South African Music Awards, won 2 awards for Rap Album of the year and Song of the year for “Roll Up”. He won another was for song of the year at the 2015 South African Hip Hop Awards, again for “Roll Up”. He was the third most played South African hip hop artiste in the latter part of 2015 and the 10th most played overall. His Fourth studio album, DIY 3 was scheduled to be released in 2020 which would serve as a follow up to DIY 2. He released his single tagged “Johustleburg” in May 2020, marking his third single in 2020 after “Wave” and “Brand New Day”.

Flvme, with real name, Lesego Kyle Mnyandu is a well known rising musical star that continues to radiate finesse in the South African music scenery. He joined Ambitiouz Entertainment in January 2016. He dropped his first project “Clouds” on the 14th of November 2017. He released a special edition of the “Clouds” project as an EP in 2017 too. Flvme also released his “Germander” EP in 2019 and shot out the deluxe version of the said EP in the same year. His “CandyMan” album is currently topping the charts on iTunes. His “D.O.A (Dead or Alive) album was released on November 2020. Flvme received awards at the 2019 SA Hip Hop Awards for Best Freshman and Best Male. His “CandyMan” album got him nominations at the South African Hip Hop Awards. Flvme made his mark in the music industry long before 2019, but 2020 was the year that he truly connected his legacy as an award winning artiste. He parted ways with Ambitiouz Entertainment in 2017 is making music independently now. Flvme is also a producer and has produced for the likes of A-Reece, Amanda Black, Mashbeatz, Ricky Rick, Zooci Coke Dope, Ecco, Die Mondez, 25k, Mellow and Dj Sliqe.

With these two award winning Artistes in view, who do you think is the real G.O.A.T? The debate online is taking a turn, with majority of the community clamouring under Emtee’s umbrella. Some Twitter users have denied knowing who Flvme is (as far as their loyalty goes), saying he’s not worthy to be compared with a lyrical king like Emtee. When choosing a favourite artiste, should we really judge based on how we feel about the Artistes or their achievements and works? Do we put into consideration the setbacks that may or may not have affected their careers? Do we consider the numbers, streams, downloads, CD sales, tickets sales etc? What’s the criteria for selecting an artiste and placing them on a pedestal above their counterparts?
Each artiste would hold their head high in pride and say they’re better off than the rest but can we ever really choose?

In all honesty, despite Artistes being different, we know their capabilities and achievements and when it comes to comparison, the table is either clear or not. No two ways about it. In this battle of hits, one artiste must weigh higher and looking at the pros and cons, it is obvious to everyone who their hero is.

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