AKA’s Bodyguard Spills The Beans About His Murder

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AKA’s Bodyguard Spills The Beans About His Murder

AKA’s Bodyguard Spills The Beans About His Murder

AKA’s Bodyguard Spills The Beans: It’s been about a month since the tragic and unfortunate death of South African rapper, AKA and his bodyguard is ready to talk.

AKA whose real name was Kiernan Forbes was fatally shot to his death outside a restaurant over a month ago and his bodyguard, Anwar “Dogg” Khan has some interesting things to say about it.

In an interview that aired on etv channel this week, the bodyguard said rules were broken.

“Rules were broken, Kiernan Forbes was called & invited to go on Florida Road, had I been there that protocol would have not been breached. Simply because that call would’ve came through the road manager,” the guard said.

This is taking the investigation to a whole new direction because from what he is saying, someone broke the protocol that placed AKA in the line of fire.

However, the interview has garnered mixed reviews as some people think Dogg is just trying to use AKA’s death to gat famous.

“At this stage Anwar “Dogg” Khan is just an attention seeking grown man trying to promote his business and being relevant through the Kieran’s family name, We acknowledge that he was AKA’s main bodyguard however this information in this interview is useless to the Forbes family,” someone wrote.

We are sure there’s more to this than meets the eye and we will all be here to watch the true story unravel before us.

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