AKA Teams Up with Reebok_SA for New Single #Practice

AKA Teams Up with Reebok_SA for New Single #Practice

About a month ago, Photos of AKA and Reebok shooting what appeared to be a commercial which we only learnt that it was actually a shoot for a new single by the rapper and the apparel brand.

The first assumption was that they were planning on releasing a capsule collection for AKA, which is not too farfetched, but it appears they decided to focus on the music while AKA is still in album mode. They are dropping a song titled Practice and the music video will be premiering tomorrow on Trace Urban at 6 pm, while the song is set to drop at the same time the next day.

The director, Jasyn Howes, spoke about his excitement of shooting the single take visuals and how much practice was put into the preparation and making sure it was fullproof. It was shot in an underground parking lot and they made sure to not only have it appeal to urban culture but also to sports, hence the CrossFit training and boxing


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