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AKA Tagged “Xenophobic” by Nigerian Musician Ycee

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AKA Tagged "Xenophobic" by Nigerian Musician Ycee


AKA Tagged “Xenophobic” by Nigerian Musician Ycee

While women and children are being kidnapped, raped and murdered; there has been another issue “Xenophobic attacks”. Several foreign national shops have been looted and owners attacked. The situation has intensified so much that Nigerians have launched a revolt and are calling on the infamous terrorist group, Boko Haram, to “unleash revenge in South Africa“.

South Africa has been plagued. Its safe to say that the country is in jeopardy.

The situation is no different on social media where Nigerians and South Africans are at each other’s throats about the mobs.

AKA is known to call a spade a spade and has come out to condemn the attacks; calling on unity. But Nigerian musician, YCee believes the Fela in Versace hitmaker is also xenophobic.

YCee revealed that he no longer rates South African men because he believes that they are not only jealous of, but resent Nigerian men. He further took a swipe at AKA for his football tweets.

Part of the tweet reads: “There is this subtle dislike that a lot of them (If not all) feel towards Nigerians and no matter how hard they try to hide it .. it eventually jumps out – like when AKA had a full childish grown man tantrum when they lost to Nigeria in the nations cup.”


AKA responded with a photo of himself posing with a Nigerian flag. However, YCee quickly reminded the S.A. rapper of his tweets in the form of screenshot.




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