AKA Cheers Sjava Ahead Of His Show

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AKA Cheers Sjava Ahead Of His Show

AKA Cheers Sjava Ahead Of His Show

AKA Cheers Sjava Ahead Of His Show: Talented and versatile South African rapper, AKA has taken his time to cheer sensational music artiste, Sjava ahead of his show.

Sjava has a show coming up which is his “One Man Show” in Durban. He has really preparing for this show and a lot of fans are solidly behind him as well.

AKA sent his regards by commenting on the post Sjava made. Reacting to a tweet on Thursday about Sjava performing on stage in two days, the music star wrote, “future Grammy winner”.

Sjava of course was happy about this and so were the fans. They hailed AKA for supporting Sjava. This is a show of brotherly affection and good wishes.

Sjava is one artiste who also supports other artistes and for AKA to recognize this and also give him his flowers is a big deal. Congratulations to Sjava. We know the show is definitely going to be loud.

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