A Closer Look At Amanda’s Diamond Ring

 Amanda's Diamond Ring


A Closer Look At Amanda’s Diamond Ring

A Closer Look At Amanda‘s Diamond Ring. It’s everything Amanda has always wanted. Each and every young lady longs for their sentimental proposition and their ideal wedding day with the correct buddy, yet for Amanda du-Pont, the fantasy is going to wind up a reality.

The on-screen character’s long-term sweetheart Shawn requested her turn in marriage on an island in the Maldives this previous end of the week as a ‘shock birthday present’ and she’s genuinely delighted by the proposition: “Sincerely and actually a fantasy come true…this proposition contacted me so profound. Much thanks to you for all your well wishes and supplications. We are exceptionally thankful, I adore you Shawn Rodriques and God has addressed our supplications.”

Still in tears, Amanda reported her response after the proposition, flaunting her shining wedding band.

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