LYRICS: ShabZi Madallion – Super Human Being

LYRICS: ShabZi Madallion – Super Human Being

Here is the lyrics to the song Super Human Being by rapper Shabzi Madallion. Read and listen below:

[Intro – Wishes]

oh yea birthday boy yea
hey shabzi
it’s your birthday
happy birthday
okay my sister insist on signing
I don’t know why she Is calling to text you and then
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to dear shabzi madallion
happy birthday to you
hip hip hurray
may you have an amazing day and the rest??
and that you have a wonderful day spend it with the person you love and appreciate
wishing you many more years of success, love, happiness.

God bless you mehn
bless you
hello this one is for you, thank you for the amazing music
and all the words of wisdom over the years
just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, Keep doing what you are doing
you are changing the game, and I like what you doing, much love

You wanna em maintain with guys in the bars
I think am the top 5 ..

[Verse 1]

dream and bigger than being god
redefining myself, the people will call it love but I find my way in the duck my conversation were good
happy, no we are yawning started comfort my dog
listen we are not endorse we following our pens
dismissing the white lord black Christ in the mix
rather be dying wrong, and die for right I never gat to visit in my songs
? to be honest and to be humble ,say I know (I know)
dropping knowledge cous my people from below (From below)
am not a artist, am a super human being bro
and everything they talking for me is being the dream bro
look at the team, we the leaders of our generation
and confrontation is another word for segregation
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