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(Lyrics) PDot O – Dear God

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PDot O Dear God Lyrics

PDot O Dear God Lyrics

PDot O Dear God Lyrics: Check out the lyrics of Dear God by PDot O from his newly released album titled Cold Waters.


PDot O Dear God Lyrics

Won’t you save me from myself?

[Verse 1]
I’m not here to sound angry, not here to sound ungrateful
But I’ve been fuming for years, some call me hateful
I’m grateful, yeah I’m grateful that I’m alive still
I’m capable of love still
I look to you above still
But Lord, look, the wait is killing
What I truly gotta do to make these motherfuckers witness me?
So they picture my work pif, I scribble liberty
I’m free from the enslavement that this industry done given me
Tell me who the best, I dare you, point em out to me
Tell me who better, creative behind their artistry
Hardly a flaw, the pen is peak, I carpe diem
Dear God, they wanna kill me in the Colosseum
They push hate, like they K-K-K
I K.O like I’m Cassius Clay
What I’m supposed to say?
Dear God, they gave me heart, with a bit of ice
You gave me death with a bit of life
Selling my soul for the asking price
Everyone know what I been rapping like
Everyone know when I’ve been snapping right?
So how the fuck they tryna push me back?
They tryna pull me back, they tryna prove me bad
I understand though, that…
They don’t understand me
I understand, these suckers don’t comprehend me
But I’m a man understand that my stance mean
Understand that I’m still king
Always told myself, that I’d never ever force it
If it’s gone it’s gone, maybe I lost it
Dear God, my letter please don’t ignore it
I’m sick and tired of all you niggas claim to be bosses
I’m sick and tired of this floss shit
Maybe I’m mad
I’m mad my brother an alcoholic
He’s still blood so I love him still
That’s my family, I love him real
But dear God, dear God
Won’t you save me from myself?
Should I blame it on myself? I done taken every step
I done written every rap
What the hell, you motherfuckers deaf? Oh well
Crooked world we live
Where niggas raping babies too
I think it’s high time we faced the truth
Maybe we lost as fuck, maybe we can’t escape
Maybe I talk too much but I hope that y’all relate
Dear Lord
When I tell you I’m the best, I believe it
When I tell you I’m a legend, I beleive it
When I tell you I’m the GOAT, please believe it
Believe me, ain’t nobody better, I done seen it
But calm down, put your pride aside
I know my God still reside inside, I follow God’s design
My heart aligned with the light
My God, insight what’s right
I’m writing life my God, my God

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