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(Lyrics) Pdot O – Above Water

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Pdot O Above Water Lyrics

Pdot O Above Water Lyrics

Pdot O Above Water Lyrics: Read along and enjoy the lyrics of Above Water by popular South African rapper, Pdot O.


Pdot O Above Water Lyrics
Somebody call me the coroner, a nigga sleep, ain’t wakin’ up
It’s round 20, so we shapin’ up
Y’all still fake as fuck
Actin’ like you drunk, holdin’ paper cups
Save it nigga, hatin’ is basic, niggas be lame as fuck
Rap circles ’round niggas, I circulate the block
Penetrate the rock, illuminate the dark
Mixed scribbles with beats, I’m niche baby, this is art
Yes it’s art, {?} magical portraits, that decorate the slums
You can’t spell prophecy without a “P” in it
I think I’m finally at peace with it
I’m at peace with the fact that, niggas can’t imitate me
You paddling backwards if you think you finna race me
Levels to the pen, in spite the money making schemes
Sitting in my room, I scribe a picture perfect dream
Round of applause for the bullies in the building
Body after body they drop, I hope they feel him
Eyes wide open, we don’t sleep til the money come
Why catch a breath, who you running from?
Okay I’m troublesome
I shit on your squad, y’all niggas bubble-gum
Saxophone singing my thoughts, now get a drummer some
Intricate lyrics, I’m sleeping on niggas
The paraplegic
Laying on a orthopaedic cushion for spitters
Back to the business, back to the bone
Back to the realness, back to the killers
It’s gym nigga, back to the fitness
Calling rappers out
Wanna rap? Then rap
You trap, then trap
We missing fans though, clappers clap
React with facts, I’m back like backshots
A gem like an artefact
Nigga I’m seasoned, you a starter pack
So pass the Henny to the melancholy
Pass the season, let me spread my story
I’m a whole different category
Me and the music holy matrimony
Salute the legends who done come before me, gone

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