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(Lyrics) Mass The Difference – The Chop Off

by Kaffy
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Mass The Difference The Chop Off Lyrics

Mass The Difference The Chop Off Lyrics

Mass The Difference The Chop Off Lyrics: Here is the lyrics of The Chop Off by SA rapper , Mass The Difference.


Mass The Difference The Chop Off Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Let the people speak, show them what they wanna see
You feeling like I’m everything you really wanna be
Instead of being true, distorting your honesty
Pretty obvious you was a fraud
Now it’s, pretty obvious I am a god, godly
Skies calling on top the charts, falsely
You falling on top of the guises, oddly
True feelings you end up with true rhythms
Why do you think that I owe you?
I’m s’posed to, take all of my dreams and involve you
You old dude, stop it
Should I remind you?
It’s like you putting shit that you did right back behind you
I do not forget
I’ll make you niggas regret , ever crossing me without ever thinking twice
I, want y’all to believe I’ll never give advice to you fuck niggas
Next time you see me know what’s up nigga


[Verse 2]
Bitch, I keep thinkin’ you a snitch
You acting super shady, you know where the sun hits
You actin’ when we chilling, you thinkin’ it’s Netflix nigga
I got a feeling you using your damn tricks
Manipulation tactics faker than plastics
It’s, so so bad it’s too late
Like you wearing sandals but you tripping on shoe lace, dumb dumb
Fuck what you sayin’, it’s too fake, eish uh
Bad habits, I’m savage, ain’t lackin’
Broke brackets, fantastic, I’m tacky
Easy let go ain’t due to the fame growing
Look at what’s flowing, easy to change stories
Especially, when you wrong
You just want the remedy, actually I’m a don
I just do it naturally, after that man you gone
I don’t play with loyalty, royalty what we on, eish uh

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