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(Lyrics) Krish – 4th Quarter

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Krish 4th Quarter Lyrics

Krish 4th Quarter Lyrics

Krish 4th Quarter Lyrics: Here is the lyrics of 4th Quarter by SA rapper, Krish of Hip hop group, RubberBandGang.


Krish 4th Quarter Lyrics
Yeah, Look
Fresh out the bench warmer sit, i’m finally here
Give me from this 4th quarter till forever
RBG they see warriors when we appear
We hurting niggas can’t even wait for another year
I apply pressure and penetrate till they feel my presence
Through the lyrics i’m kicking, niggas gon feel the essence
All i came to do is to fuck it up and make the rag
Wrote the legacy, so none of em watching
I remember it was rap that really changed my life
Went back and forth in my head of where am i end up at
After i chose the path i saw life from a different lens
Overly grew now most of these niggas can’t stand a chance
Fuck it nigga won’t fall back
Missed me all that
I might earn my respect, my peers gon be taking off hats
Hope that we don’t clash
Got strong faction and they action ready always steady
Nigga don’t start crap
New nigga they are but this ain’t new to me
Even when i am stuck in the jungle i shine like jewelry
Cold as ice, couldn’t advise this shit just grew in me
Too many raps when i’m in my zone like there was two of me
If stay in the element,then niggas are soon to be seeing flames
Continuously i’m moving different now
Cos i’m not a nigga i used to be
Times change mama your son know how to manoeuvre beats
Remember when
I would trip when niggas weren’t recruiting me
We passed that
Now i’m part of the only clan killing shit
If you hear the convos then you know how real shit gets
We the target and with demos it’s rare we miss
If they ain’t fully developed they ain’t fucking with KRISH !!

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