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(Lyrics) Kid Tini – Woo Style

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Kid Tini Woo Style Lyrics

Kid Tini Woo Style Lyrics

Kid Tini Woo Style Lyrics: Here is the lyrics of Woo Style recently released by talented South African rapper Kid Tini.


Kid Tini Woo Style Lyrics

[Verse 1]
First of all stop playin’ with me
You know what I got in store
And no I ain’t talking Dior
I’m talking since I got my foot in the door
I’ve been dropping jewels, I’ve been dropping dudes
Go on and pick ’em all up on the floor
Some act like I don’t exist and roll my shit but I let them explore
R.I.P Pop Smoke, when you see me hold me bro!
Tell ’em niggas not dope, even the nearest ones not close
To the Kid Tini, bitch I been litty
I can smoke a nigga like a cig’ with me
I ain’t e’en talking nicotine
That’s a gum bar, hope you stay with me
Put in that work, tell me how could I lose?
Got your bitch busting a move
Niggas still call me a come up
I’m ’bout to hit two million views on the Tube
But fuck it, I love it, I use it as fuel
Giving me something to prove
Giving me something to do
I’m ’bout to fuck it up with no lube
Say what you want but you can’t say I’m not ill
No medical records but plenty suggested, I don’t even pop pills
Thank God for the blessings and lessons
The internet trolling is not real
Y’all could stay mad
I swear this shit give me cruise in a drop feels
‘Cause niggas could still get they tops peeled, I will not chill
I’m fresh as the Prince and the boy finna pop still
I won’t stop ’til, I’m monied like Unc’ Phil
And my daughter’s in pop’s will
I’m coming for everything
I’m coming for everything
I’m coming for every frenemy, Better be ready to box
If you ain’t no pussy, You’re welcome to enter the ring
And I won’t be lacking
Just look in my bag, I’m a permanent resident there
Oh you said he better than who?
Oh you wanna compare me to what?
Oh you think you be doin’ me dirty?
Don’t you know that I came from the mud?

She like the way that I rap
She like the way that I move
She like the way that I rhyme
I got her bussin’ a move
She let it clap for a nigga
Yeah, do a lil’ dance for a nigga

[Verse 2]
Okay now back to the subject
They said a nigga should dumb it but fuck it I did and they still wouldn’t sum it
Up like I’m right at the summit
I’m up ’cause I’m aiming above it
Niggas trippin’ ’cause they caught a body bag, and now they form part of my luggage
On the really I’m back and I’m buggin’
Talking silly, get clapped out in public
Niggas talking like Tini ain’t done shit
Boy you cap like a fitted, you Trukfit
Talking millis, I need me a dozen
Stack me some hunnids
Fuck up a bag, make it back like it’s nothing
Get it and flip it, to hell with the budget
Tag us the product and sling it in public
But we’re still acting like crabs in a bucket
So ’til then I’ma just rap
I’ma just snap how I does it
See I’d rather come up forever than get to the top and then plummet
Maintaining insatiable hunger then get me a plate and then drop it
That way we poppin’ forever, that’s word to Trill-uminatti
And bitch I can only get better, that’s word to the emulous traits I embody
Ready to scrap from the jump
Just in case you feeling froggy
Now who finna stop me?
Bitch I’m about it
Don’t ever question the shorty

She like the way that I rap
She like the way that I move
She like the way that I rhyme
I got her bussin’ a move
She let it clap for a nigga
Yeah, do a lil dance for a nigga

Mike Amiri, Mike Amiri, run the streets run the streets
Christian Dior, Dior
I’m up in all the stores
When it rains it pours
She like the way I rrr… Hahaha
Hey R.I.P Pop Smoke
I’m up in all the stores
She like the way I rrr

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