(Lyrics) A-Reece ft IMP THA DON – Bellator

A-Reece Bellator Lyrics
A-Reece Bellator Lyrics

A-Reece Bellator Lyric: Check out the lyrics of A-Reece‘s newly released Hip Hop track titled “Bellator” featuring IMP THA DON.


A-Reece Bellator Lyrics

(How we gon’ do this?)
(One, two, three)
Yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Picture me rolling like Pac, uh
Nah, picture me rolling all this weed that I got
(These niggas thought we wouldn’t leave the blocks, nigga)

[Verse 1: A-Reece]
Picture me rolling like Pac
Nah, picture me rolling all this weed that I got
Nothin’ less than a lot
There’s nothing on the stove when I say I’m burnin’ the pot
The ball was in my brother’s court, he made sure to pass me the rock
Feeling like Kobe at the Rucker Park with the orangе top
Tomahawk dunking the shot
Tryin’ to prove that I’m villain, you not
Does not fill my pockеts with nuts
I already got it on lock
You should be earning your spot
Michael just sent me this chop, I’m ’bout to set it on fire
Add a little mint pepper sauce
Kicking raps, throwing punches like a Bellator sport, uh
You cannot critic the form
Your favourite rapper needs to put his best foot forward
Better yet, tell your favourite rapper I could write his best verse for him, uh
You cannot afford to wage war, you’re still in the training course
I was the major tool in creating the wave they on
They study the way I move, maybe I should create a course, of course
I’m on track on every track, them niggas is off course
I quote, my brands are an extension of me
Who would’ve thought the king would be the kid from Denville extension three?

[Verse 2: IMP Tha Don]
Papa was a rolling stone
Now his young niggas out here rolling cones
The godfather, call me Corleone
I’m on the rise so they call me Don
Smoking flowers got me in the zone
Get on the planet that I’m living on through these songs
The boy made the call, now you know what’s going on
I’ve been rapping since the war started happening up in Lebanon
Michael chopped it so I had to get my shit off
I smoked the shit and get lost
Make music like a wizard
These niggas feel the blizzard
Not rolling with the Rizzla
We are not beginners
They better get the picture
The captain, I’m the skipper, uh

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