Restaurant Jobs In Canada For Africans | 2023

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Restaurant Jobs In Canada. Employment Opportunities at Restaurants in Canada There are a lot of restaurants, or better known as restaurants in Canada are constantly seeking people to be employed by them.

Restaurant Jobs In Canada For Africans

If you’re a resident or not the topics we’re going to talk about out here will cover every.

Being in a restaurant can give you experiences in many areas but the most important thing is that you will be able learn or gain experience in customer service.

If you’re trying to find a job in an area like Canada but you’re in no way a resident permanent, or you don’t possess a green card you could nevertheless get a job at a restaurant that will help you get your visa to Canada.

Here, we will look at some of the most reputable companies and employers who are offering jobs to foreigners, and providing Visas to Canada in the event that they are unable to pay for the cost.

We will also give you the qualifications for each of the vacancies we will discuss here.

When you apply for any of the jobs we’d be discussing in this article, ensure that you go through the qualifications carefully to ensure that you’re eligible.

We will also show how you can apply to any opportunity that is listed here.

Available Restaurant Jobs in Canada

We will show you the various businesses and companies seeking employees to work in their restaurants. You are able to take advantage of the opportunities we have listed here and quickly begin your career.

Be aware that some businesses can provide you with a Visa If you’re not permanent residents of Canada You will need to apply for an employment permit.

1. Subway Restaurants

It is among the top and most prestigious eateries you can find in Canada. If you decide to work in the restaurant, you will be able to work without difficulty due to how welcoming everyone is, as well as the excellent pay and competent managers.

The restaurant is in need of catering counter staff Marketing directors, food counter attendants, and many more.

If you aren’t a resident of Canada and you are given the chance to be discovered by the business they will review you Visa application and speed it up for you.

In terms of how much you could earn to do this, you should be earning minimum $16 per hour of job.

2. Canada Immigration Service

It could be a sign that we are were talking about something else, however the event needs the assistance of a cook.

If you’re keen to apply for this position you will be granted two years working permit , and all other things will be taken care of by the company.

It is the Immigration Service food supervisor will be in charge of ensuring food and other items related to it are served at the right time.

If you work on an hourly basis you can earn between $16-$18 and could even go up depending on how efficient you perform at work.

To apply to be considered for this position for this opportunity, you must reach the provider at this number: +1-647-726-6699

3. Tim Hortons Restaurant

Another restaurant that which you are free to enter and enjoy any dish you’d like to eat.

The company has over time has built up their following to be so huge that there are people who come to eat every day without complaining about food. Whether the food is good or not they don’t seem to care.

They also charge more than the other restaurants we’ve listed here. Their pay ranges from $16 to $20.

They will also manage your Visa even if you’re in the United States but not Canada.

Additionally, students from abroad who want to collaborate with them may apply for and have the chance to be hired.

4. Hongde Poncha Korean

Do you think you are able to be employed in the kitchen of a Korean restaurant? Then this is the time to apply.

To be able to work in this establishment, you must complete the Community College program in food service management.

Additionally, you must be able to demonstrate at least two or three years of experience in the field.

Their requirements are huge, but the reward is huge.

Being a part of their team means that you do not have to worry about accommodations as they can arrange that for you.

The pay is similar to the one Tom They pay you $18 per hour for your work.

Keep in mind that the company is seeking applicants who are full-time workers and not in part-time positions.

Tonally for this job, kindly send your CV to this email; 01******[email protected]***

5. Boston Pizza

The name is a good indication that you be aware of the type of work that they carry out within this eatery. The business will require employees who could fill the positions of cooks, bartenders, kitchen managers, dishwashers, and servers.

If you think you could work in one of the jobs we’ve listed, this is the job for you.

They will manage your Visa application and provide you with temporary housing until they are sure you’ve got the funds needed to purchase your own apartment.

The salary that you’ll earn in this job ranges from $15 to $20 an hour. If you are interested in applying for the position, please visit their website by clicking Apply NOW!

General Requirements for Restaurant Jobs In Canada

  • A community college degree is a benefit
  • Learn how to cook.
  • Be nice
  • Do not have a criminal record
  • It is essential to be punctual.
  • You must be prepared to go to work any time of the day of the week.


Can I be paid for work Canada?

Yes, certain employment companies can sponsor your trip to Canada.

Do restaurants provide visas to visitors?

Yes, the restaurants that we listed here are the ones that sponsor visas for all their employees who are not Canadian residents.

What is the average salary for Restaurant jobs pay?

The median salary for an employee in a restaurant is $34,000 a year. Some restaurants offer higher salaries.


Working in a foreign country is a great idea is especially so if you work in a nation like Canada it is essential to take a look at the remote jobs that we’ve mentioned here. Once you have chosen the one that you like take it on and begin making a living for yourself.


  1. I would be interested and happy if the biggest dream of my life come through by working with you. I am a young boy of 24 years of age who lost my father and completed my senior High school in 2021. Which I am confronted with financial challenge

  2. Very intrested to work with…and am very hardworking….am just a huslter in my area…i’ll be so glad if i get the appotunity…am from NAIROBI,KENYA

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